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Pages 439-445
First published 2 September 2013

Coevolutionary Dynamics Caused by Asymmetries in Predator-Prey and Morphology-Behavior Relationships

Takashi Ito, Marcin Pilat, Reiji Suzuki, Takaya Arita


Predator-prey interactions are the key element of ecological systems. We present the results of morphology-behavior predator-prey coevolution in a 3D physically simulated environment. The morphologies and behaviors of virtual creature predators and prey are evolved using a genetic algorithm and random one-on-one encounters in a shared environment. There are two levels of asymmetries in the model: One is between two species, predators and prey, and the other is between two traits in each species, morphology and behavior. We analyze and discuss the complex coevolutionary dynamics caused by the asymmetries on the basis of quantitative characterization of morphology and behavior.