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Pages 577-584
First published 2 September 2013

Evolving Plastic Neuromodulated Networks for Behavior Emergence of Autonomous Virtual Characters

Yuri Lenon Barbosa Nogueira, Carlos Eduardo Fisch de Brito, Creto Augusto Vidal, Joaquim Bento Cavalcante Neto


This paper addresses the problem of generating natural behavior of autonomous virtual characters. Inspired by the fields of Embodied and Enactive Artificial Intelligence, we postulate that natural behavior is the result of a coupling between the agent and the world where it lives, which leads to a coherence between its actions and its surroundings. In this work, we present the tools that we have been using to study that idea: a controller based on a plastic neuromodulated neural network, which is capable of molding itself to received stimuli; and a simple novel method for genetic encoding of artificial neural networks. We show the capabilities of the controller in generating interesting foraging behavior of an autonomous virtual robot, and discuss the advantages of its emergent characteristics when compared with traditional approaches.