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Pages 1056-1063
First published 2 September 2013

The Triangle of Life

A.E. Eiben, Nicolas Bredeche, Mark Hoogendoorn, Juergen Stradner, Jon Timmis, Andy Tyrrell, Alan Winfield


Evolutionary robotics is heading towards fully embodied evolution in real-time and real-space. In this paper we introduce the Triangle of Life, a generic conceptual framework for such systems in which robots can actually reproduce. This framework can be instantiated with different hardware approaches and different reproduction mechanisms, but in all cases the system revolves around the conception of a new robot organism. The other components of the Triangle capture the principal stages of such a system; the Triangle as a whole serves as a guide for realizing this anticipated breakthrough and building systems where robot morphologies and controllers can evolve in real-time and real-space. After discussing this framework and the corresponding vision, we present a case study using the SYMBRION research project that realized some fragments of such a system in modular robot hardware.