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Pages 546–553
First published 20 July 2015

Investigating the Impact of Communication Quality on Evolving Populations of Artificial Life Agents

Sadat Chowdhury and Elizabeth I. Sklar


The work presented in this paper examines the relationship between interaction mechanism and heterogeneity in evolutionary multiagent systems. Three interaction mechanisms are explored (stigmergy, broadcast and unicast), in both homogenous and heterogenous populations of artificial agents. A number of different schemes are compared in an experimental environment which concerns agents that evolve to detect, extract and collect resources in a grid-based world. A series of experiments was conducted to analyze the effects of interaction mechanism and population diversity on multiple performance metrics, under various signal transmission qualities. The results show differences in key performance metrics when signal transmission quality degrades, under some experimental conditions. These observations offer an important take-away message for assessing the robustness of systems that may face inconsistent communication network quality, a common problem in today’s “wired” real world.