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First published 20 July 2015

Do it yourself (DIY) liquid handling robot for evolutionary search exploration

Asbjørn Müller, Aleksandra Amaldass, Kliment Yanev, and Steen Rasmussen

Abstract (Excerpt)

Open source hardware has made it significantly easier to build custom scientific instrumentation, in particular in the recent wake of open-source 3D printing technology (Jones et al., 2011). The main advantages of DIY scientific instruments include (i) significantly lower instrumentation costs, (ii) possibility for open-ended special purpose functions to address research-specific problems, (iii) deeper understanding of the scientific problem under investigation as the instrumentation is designed simultaneously, as well as (iv) providing an excellent student learning tool. We present the ChemBot: a programmable liquid handling robot, which is able to realize a series of desired functions and processes.