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John Thackara 

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John Thackara designs events, projects, and organizations. Fast Company described John Thackara as "a design guru, critic and business provocateur.” Wired called him a “a design luminary,” and the Economic Times of India noted his "brilliant insights into the internet and sustainability." He is the Director of Doors of Perception, a design futures network with offices in Amsterdam and Bangalore. He has been Director of the Netherlands Design Institute, and  Director of Research at the Royal College of Art, and twice chairman of the European Design Summit. Among his 12 books are Design After Modernism: Beyond the Object (1987), Lost in Space: A Traveller’s Tale (1995) and In the Bubble: Designing In A Complex World, was published by MIT Press in 2005.



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Schoenerwissen/OfCD conducts research and development in computational design. This includes original interdisciplinary  research in information technology, human-computer interaction and  social sciences. Their projects oscillate between web applications,  visual software and communication design – for a broad range of  public institutions and private clients.The award-winning nomad design office is led by Anne Pascual and Marcus Hauer and is currently based in California. They are regular contributors to the design section of De:Bug Magazine in Berlin.


      This pamphlet can be purchased online from MIT Press, Amazon and good bookstores.