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Web Supplement: User's Guide

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An extension of the book, the Writing Machines Web Supplement began as a place to store, present, and rethink the scholarly apparatus. The site grew to include alternative mappings of the book's conceptual terrain in a manner specific to the web—as any good technotext should--with additional functionalities unavailable in print. Completing the cycle of remediation, the Supplement gives the user the ability to customize his or her own copy of the book by providing Adobe Acrobat .pdf files for each section, some of which are formatted in "printer's spreads" that can be printed out, folded, and inserted into the body of the book itself.

From "affordances" to "xml", the LEXICON is a collection of key concepts that appear throughout the text. On the center spread of the book (pp. 72-73), the LEXICON LINKMAP presents the entire collection at once, with each entry placed in the same position as it is on its originating page.
The overlapping pattern that results collapses the space and time created by the opacity of paper pages. In the supplement, the map moves, allowing the user to unravel the clusters and view the page number and definition
for each entry by clicking on the highlighted words.

The NOTES section does not attempt to reduce the distance between the web and the book, nor is it a viable research tool (printable components are provided for that purpose). Instead it provides an alternate mapping of the book's contents in the form of a dense textual surface that when traversed, reveals glimpses of the book's conceptual terrain. The entire set of footnotes are presented simultaneously along with the text to which they're connected. Arrow-shaped handles open each footnote into a box, which when selected, becomes an entryway into the text.

The BIBLIOGRAPHY can be accessed according to filtered content categories that position the book's external reference points within a variety of disciplines, genres, and media. The method of differentiation reworks the accepted distinctions, as when a single entry occupies multiple categories or when an established category turns up empty.

The INDEX allows the user both to search by keyword and to browse the book's content sorted by distinctions such as "behaviors", "knowledge practices", or "literary criticism in print".

The SOURCE MATERIAL section recreates pages 132-138 from the Writing Machines book, which show the sources from which cited "samples" are taken. In the Web Supplement, users can open and view reproductions of the
original sources in full color, at actual size.

The ERRATA screens show pages with editor's marks indicating the corrections that never got made. The user can view and print revised replacement pages.

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