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Anne Burdick operates a quadruple threat practice: she designs, writes, curates and/or edits both client-based and self-initiated projects out of the Los Angeles-based Offices of Anne Burdick. From lexicographies to poetry installations to net.art, Burdick's projects broaden the parameters
of contemporary design. As an outgrowth of her interest in the intersection of writing and design, she has been involved with the electronic literature community as the site designer and design editor of the online literary journal, electronic book review (www.altx.com/ebr), since the mid- 90s. In 2000, she designed the Fackel Worterbuch: Redensarten, an unconventional 1,056-page dictionary created with literary scientists at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which won "The Most Beautiful Book in the World"
competition at the 2001 Leipzig book fair. Currently, Burdick is a core faculty member in the graduate Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design, and also teaches at the California Institute of the Arts.


Anne Burdick

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