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Digital Suffragists
Women, the Web, and the Future of Democracy

Marie Tessier

Orig. $27.95
Sale: $13.98

Coding Democracy
How Hackers Are Disrupting Power, Surveillance, and Authoritarianism

Maureen Webb

Orig. $17.95
Sale: $8.98

The Promise of Access
Technology, Inequality, and the Political Economy of Hope

Daniel Greene

Orig. $30.00
Sale: $15.00

The Raven's Hat
Fallen Pictures, Rising Sequences, and Other Mathematical Games

Jonas Peters and Nicolai Meinshausen

Orig. $24.95
Sale: $12.48

Sleight of Mind
75 Ingenious Paradoxes in Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy

Matt Cook

Orig. $24.95
Sale: $12.48

From the Basement to the Dome
How MIT’s Unique Culture Created a Thriving Entrepreneurial Community

Jean-Jacques Degroof

Orig. $29.95
Sale: $14.98

Of Sound Mind
How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World

Nina Kraus

Orig. $29.95
Sale: $14.98

Born Knowing
Imprinting and the Origins of Knowledge

Giorgio Vallortigara

Orig. $24.95
Sale: $12.48

The Monopoly of Man

Anna Kuliscioff

Orig. $16.95
Sale: $8.48

Convention and Materialism
Uniqueness without Aura

Paolo Virno

Orig. $29.95
Sale: $14.98

The Handbook of Rationality

edited by Markus Knauff and Wolfgang Spohn

Orig. $195.00
Sale: $97.50

The Nature of Truth
Classic and Contemporary Perspectives

edited by Michael P. Lynch, Jeremy Wyatt, Junyeol Kim, and Nathan Kellen

Orig. $65.00
Sale: $32.50

Wittgenstein's Artillery
Philosophy as Poetry

James C. Klagge

Orig. $45.00
Sale: $22.50

Yesterday's Tomorrow
On the Loneliness of Communist Specters and the Reconstruction of the Future

Bini Adamczak

Orig. $24.95
Sale: $12.48

You Are Here
A Field Guide for Navigating Polarized Speech, Conspiracy Theories, and Our Polluted Media Landscape

Whitney Phillips and Ryan M. Milner

Orig. $22.95
Sale: $11.48

The Divide
How Fanatical Certitude Is Destroying Democracy

Taylor Dotson

Orig. $25.00
Sale: $12.50

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
Existential Risk and Extreme Politics

Andrew Leigh

Orig. $27.95
Sale: $13.98

What Stops Us from Getting Things Done and What to Do about It

Cass R. Sunstein

Orig. $24.95
Sale: $12.48

How to Talk to a Science Denier
Conversations with Flat Earthers, Climate Deniers, and Others Who Defy Reason

Lee McIntyre

Orig. $24.95
Sale: $12.48

The Beauty of Chemistry
Art, Wonder, and Science

Philip Ball

Orig. $49.95
Sale: $24.98

A Visual and Scientific History

Jack Challoner

Orig. $39.95
Sale: $19.98

Hidden Wonders
The Subtle Dialogue Between Physics and Elegance

Étienne Guyon, José Bico, Étienne Reyssat, and Benoît Roman

Orig. $29.95
Sale: $14.98

The Alchemy of Us
How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another

Ainissa Ramirez

Orig. $17.95
Sale: $8.98

Into the Anthropocosmos
A Whole Space Catalog from the MIT Space Exploration Initiative

Ariel Ekblaw

Orig. $39.95
Sale: $19.98

Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Beyond
The Life of Astronomer Vera Rubin

Ashley Jean Yeager

Orig. $24.95
Sale: $12.48

Technology in World Civilization
A Thousand-Year History

Arnold Pacey and Francesca Bray

Orig. $40.00
Sale: $20.00

Making & Doing
Activating STS through Knowledge Expression and Travel

edited by Gary Lee Downey and Teun Zuiderent-Jerak

Orig. $45.00
Sale: $22.50

Nuclear Choices for the Twenty-First Century
A Citizen’s Guide

Richard Wolfson and Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress

Orig. $40.00
Sale: $20.00

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