Taming the Sun Articles and Excerpts

Taming the Sun Articles and Excerpts

Taming the Sun

Innovations to Harness Solar Energy and Power the Planet

By Varun Sivaram

How solar could spark a clean-energy transition through transformative innovation -- creative financing, revolutionary technologies, and flexible energy systems.

Articles and Excerpts

The New York Times

How US Tariffs Will Hurt the U.S. Solar Industry
Varun Sivaram, Jan 24, 2018, Print, P. A27

​President Trump's action will slow down the deployment of clean energy, discourage investments in innovation and destroy jobs.

The Washington Post

Solar Energy is at Risk
Varun Sivaram, April 16, 2018

Foreign Policy

Can't Stop the Shining
Varun Sivaram, March 1, 2018

Solar power is the world’s most promising clean energy solution, but governments must abandon outdated policies for it to succeed.

MIT Technology Review

The Race to Invent the Artificial Leaf
Varun Sivaram, March 2018 Print Issue

In this excerpt from his new book Taming the Sun, Varun Sivaram follows the research paths of two rival scientists determined to find a way to wring fuel out of thin air.

Breakthrough Journal

A Tale of Two Technologies: What Nuclear's Past Might Tell Us About Solar's Future
Varun Sivaram, Winter 2018, Print

In this excerpt from his new book, Taming the Sun, Varun Sivaram argues that the world would be wise to keep the nuclear industry’s experience in mind as it tries to bridge the gap between solar’s promise tomorrow and its limits today.


Why the solar revolution is in grave danger—and how it can be saved
Varun Sivaram, June 6, 2018

The world is facing two futures: one in which the solar revolution sputters out and dooms prospects for a clean energy transition, and another in which humankind finally tames the sun.


The Dark Side of Solar
Varun Sivaram

The Times of India

Solar Energy Needs Innovation to Realize Its Potential
Varun Sivaram, Feb 6, 2018

India is among the most ambitious countries in the world when it comes to harnessing solar energy. So Indian policymakers should urgently prepare for the future by promoting the innovations solar needs to continue rising, argues Varun Sivaram, drawing on his new book, Taming the Sun​.

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