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The MIT Press listening room: December 2022 edition

Harnessing curiosity, honoring ER stories, and breaking down gender: A compilation of podcast interviews with our authors to end 2022

With winter rearing its ugly head, readers everywhere are on the hunt for their next book—or their next listen. Lucky for you, we’ve collected links to some wonderful conversations with MIT Press authors from the year to keep you entertained and informed during your end-of-year travels and post-holiday deep cleans. Listen on below, and sign up for our newsletter to hear more about our books and journals.

Ruchika Tulshyan, author of Inclusion on Purpose, is interviewed on Brené Brown’s podcast: The Heart of Leadership, Part 1 of 2, and The Heart of Leadership, Part 2 of 2

Kathryn Bond Stockton, author of Gender(s), is interviewed on New York Times’s Ezra Klein Show: Gender Is Complicated for All of Us. Let’s Talk About It. 

Gerd Gigerenzer, author of How to Stay Smart in a Smart World, is interviewed for Literary Hub’s Keen On with Andrew Keen: What Machines Can’t Learn and Why Human Intelligence Still Beats Algorithms; on the EconLib podcast: Gerd Gigerenzer on How to Stay Smart in a Smart World; and on Social Science Bites: Gerd Gigerenzer on Decision Making 

Lynda Gratton, author of Redesigning Work, is interviewed for the Financial Times’ Working It podcast: Friendship in the workplace: It’s lonely at the top

Andrew Witt, author of Formulations, is interviewed for New Books Network’s Science, Technology, and Society: Andrew Witt, “Formulations: Architecture, Mathematics, Culture” 

Perry Zurn and Dani Bassett, authors of Curious Minds, are interviewed on Lynn Burton’s Choose to be Curious podcast: Curious Minds: The Power of Connection with Perry Zurn & Dani S. Bassett

N.J. Enfield, author of Language vs. Reality, is interviewed on Sean Carroll’s Mindscape podcast: N.J. Enfield on Why Language is Good for Lawyers and Not Scientists; and on Paul Meier’s In A Manner of Speaking: Episode 55 (Language Versus Reality) 

Jay Baruch, author of Tornado of Life is interviewed for Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda: Jay Baruch: In the ER, your story matters; on Moral Matters: Honoring Our Experiences; and on New Books Network’s New Books in Medicine: Tornado of Life 

Ritu Raman, author of Biofabrication, is interviewed on the Futures podcast: Biofabrication w/ Ritu Raman 

Erika Balsom and Hila Peleg, authors of Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image, are interviewed for New Books in Film from the New Books Network: Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image 

Julio Mario Ottino, author of The Nexus, is interviewed on the Strategy Skills podcast: Julio Mario Ottino, The Coexistence of Art, Technology, and Science 

Kimberly Arcand, coauthor of Stars in Your Hands, is interviewed for BBC’s Instant Genius podcast: Holding the Universe in your hands, with Dr Kimberly Arcand 

Emily Weinstein and Carrie James, authors of Behind Their Screens, are interviewed on Slate’s Mom and Dad Are Fighting Podcast: Behind Their Screens; and on the Power Your Parenting podcast: Screens: What Teens are Facing 

Joshua Glenn, editor of the Radium Age series, is interviewed on the AIdeas podcast: The Machine Stops with Joshua Glenn 

Tung-Hui Hu, author of Digital Lethargy, is interviewed on the Radical AI podcast: Digital Lethargy with Tung-Hui Hu; and on New Books Network’s High Theory: Digital Lethargy 

Josephine Wolff, author of Cyberinsurance Policy, is interviewed on Cyberwire’s Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson: Cyber Insurance Past, Present, and Future 

Mikkael Sekeres, author of Drugs and the FDA, is interviewed on STAT’s The Readout Loud: A surprise success in Alzheimer’s and how FDA history seeded modern controversy 

Katerina Cizek and William Uricchio, authors of Collective Wisdom, are interviewed on the Artificiality podcast: Kat Cizek and William Uricchio: Co-Creation 

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