The MIT Press podcast round-up: June 2024 edition

The art of acid blotters, the principles of UBI, and the science of kindness: A compilation of podcast interviews with our authors

As the slower days of summer approach, readers everywhere are on the hunt for their next book—or their next listen. Lucky for you, we’ve collected links to some wonderful podcast conversations with MIT Press authors from the year so far to keep you entertained during summer travels. Listen on below, and sign up for our newsletter to hear more about our books and journals.

Karl Widerquist, author of Universal Basic Income
Featured on New Books Network’s New Books in Public Policy podcast

Immaculata De Vivo and Daniel Lumera, authors of The Biology of Kindness
Featured on Harvard Radcliffe Institute’s podcast, BornCurious; and Cool Science Radio

Ruchika Tulshyan, author of Inclusion on Purpose
Featured on the School Leadership Show podcast

Kendra Coulter, author of Defending Animals 
Featured on the Our Hen House podcast 

Debbie Hines, author of Get Off My Neck
Featured on NPR Baltimore’s Midday (WYPR)

Diana Chapman Walsh, author of The Claims of Life 
Featured on the Mind & Life podcast, the official podcast of the Mind & Life Institute

Susannah Fox, author of Rebel Health 
Featured on The People’s Pharmacy; Visible Voices with Dr. Resa Lewiss; HITea with Grace; and the Earn & Invest podcasts

Nora Kenworthy, author of Crowded Out 
Featured on Crooked Media’s America, Dissected podcast and Vox’s Today, Explained podcast

Anna Abraham, author of The Creative Brain
Featured on Closer to Truth

Joshua Glenn, editor of the Radium Age series
Featured on Cool Science Radio

Daniel Brooks and Salvatore Agosta, authors of A Darwinian Survival Guide 
Featured on Cool Science Radio

Thomas Mullaney, author of The Chinese Computer 
Featured on New Books Network’s New Books in Chinese Studies podcast; The Gradient; and Cool Science Radio

Shohini Ghose, author of Her Space, Her Time
Featured on Clear and Vivid with Alan Alda

Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, editor of The Inhumans and Other Stories
Featured on New Books Network’s New Books in Science Fiction podcast

Premeet Sidhu and Jose Zagal, authors of Fifty Years of Dungeons & Dragons 
Featured on Gaining Advantage

Erik Davis, author of Blotter 
Featured on TrueAnon podcast 

Selected Nonfiction, 1962–2007 by J. G. Ballard 
Featured on the London Review of Books podcast 

Ryan Prior, author of The Long Haul
Featured on the Tiny Matters podcast from the American Chemical Society

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