University Press Week

University Press Week: Libraries and Librarians helping us all #LookItUP

Today is the last day of University Press Week. Thank you for tuning in! If you’re just getting started, this year’s focus is #LookItUP: a tribute to the knowledge and facts that all university presses publish and value, especially in the face of “fake news” and “alternative facts”. This week we’ll be sharing how our friends across the nation are demonstrating their expertise on a variety of subjects. Today’s theme is “Libraries and Librarians helping us all #LookItUP” where we discuss what libraries and librarians do to promote facts and scholarship, and how University Presses assist in this.

University of Missouri Press examined how their Special Collections archives and certain librarians helped the author and press with Lanford Wilson: Early Stories, Sketches, Poems.

University of Nebraska Press featured Pat Leach, Library Director of Lincoln City Libraries, commenting on a perfectly ordinary thing—conversation about books.

University Press of Florida spotlighted their Florida and the Caribbean Open Books Series, a collaboration between the Press and the UF George A. Smathers Libraries.

University of Georgia Press discussed how libraries serve as a bastion of facts and real information against the onslaught of Fake News.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s series and we hope you tune in next year!