University Press Week

University Press Week: #LookItUP

Today marks the start of the annual University Press Week! This year’s focus is #LookItUP: a tribute to the knowledge and facts that all university presses publish and value, especially in the face of “fake news” and “alternative facts”. This week we’ll be sharing how our friends across the nation are demonstrating their expertise on a variety of subjects. 

Today’s theme is “Scholarship Making a Difference”. Enjoy this blog roundup from our friends across the country. 

Wilfred Laurier University Press shared a post from Indigenous scholar and fiction writer Daniel Heath Justice on the importance of Indigenous literatures and scholarship. 

Temple University Press shared three authors and their books on racial issues. 

Wayne State University Press featured a forthcoming book on slavery in 21st century America. 

University Press of Colorado also featured a forthcoming book on “post-truth”. 

Al Bertrand wrote a post on the importance of non-partisan peer reviewed social science in today’s climate for Princeton University Press.

Oregon State University Press author Thomas Graham Jr. examines a potential alternate reality of nuclear disarmament.

We’re all familiar with the infamous Marie Curie, but Cambridge University Press takes time to reflect on the challenges she faced throughout her career. 

The University of Toronto Press shares two posts: The first from their history editor in Higher Education, discussing the importance of making scholarship accessible to students and the role of publishers in helping to build better citizens. The second comes from the Executive Editor in Higher Education as she provides an example of how academic publishing can go beyond just the facts to attempt to win over hearts as well as minds.

Check back tomorrow for another blog roundup!