University Press Week

University Press Week: Producing the Books that Matter

This week is University Press Week! This year’s focus is #LookItUP: a tribute to the knowledge and facts that all university presses publish and value, especially in the face of “fake news” and “alternative facts”. This week we’ll be sharing how our friends across the nation are demonstrating their expertise on a variety of subjects. Today’s theme is “Producing the Books that Matter”. 

Check out our post from our graphic designers discussing the influence of Muriel Cooper, the first art director at MIT Press.  

University of Kansas Press discussed the relationship between their editorial and production departments.

University of California Press shared one post from their blog series by authors in American Studies Now – a series of short, timely books on significant political and cultural events.

Georgetown University Press sat down with their Editorial, Production, and Design departments to highlight a few elements of book production in scholarly publishing that readers might not know about.

Taking a scholarly book and shifting it for a trade audience is always challenging, as UBC Press explains in detail.  

University of Michigan Press interviewed Jay Timothy Dolmage, author of Academic Ableism.

Fordham University Press shared a guest post from author David Goodwin who discussed the prodcution of his new book Left Bank of the Hudson.

Yale University Press shared an episode of their podcast on the making of the Voynich Manuscript.