University Press Week: University Presses in Popular Culture Roundup

Today, on the third day of the University Press Week blog tour, six presses tell us about their success and visibility in popular culture!

University of Pennsylvania Press shares insights into its publishing ventures designed to reach a broader audience and go beyond academic concerns, exploring issues like human rights and social justice—and even sports or Broadway theater. The press shares how it finds ways to speed up the publishing process and release books that address topical issues as they are happening.

Princeton University Press provides details about the success of Andrew Hodges’s Alan Turing: The Enigma, the book that inspired the film, The Imitation Game.

University Press of Kentucky highlights its forthcoming biography on Dalton Trumbo, a blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter of films, such as Spartacus and Roman Holiday, and a member of the Hollywood Ten who opposed the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Georgetown Unversity Press explains how its books give the historical background to the storylines of recent television shows on spying, such as Turn, Sleepy Hollow, and The Assets.

University Press of Mississippi gives us a look at its book Walt Before Mickey, which has been adapted into a movie, set to open Thanksgiving Weekend.

University of Wisconsin Press‘s “Ripped from the Headlines” post features books that it has published just as the topics became important news, including issues like gays in the military, militarized police, torture, and immigration.