Victoria Hindley

Victoria Hindley

Senior Acquisitions Editor; Art, Architecture, and Design

Victoria Hindley

Victoria joined the MIT Press in 2016 after working in publishing and the arts for two decades in both the USA and Europe where she steered numerous international projects including limited fine press editions by Salman Rushdie and Wole Soyinka and programming such as largescale exhibitions with Zanele Muholi and Alec Soth. From 2017 to 2024, Victoria was the MIT Press commissioning editor of visual culture and design where she published celebrated titles including A Black Gaze: Artists Changing How We See by Tina M. Campt; Designing Motherhood: Things that Make and Break Our Births by Michelle Fisher and Amber Winick; and Architectures of Spatial Justice by Dana Cuff.

In 2024, she assumed leadership of the art and architecture portfolio.

Interested as much in transformative scholarship as in the ways that art, architecture, and design fields shape and impact the world around us, Victoria seeks exceptional writing that is rigorously researched, culturally relevant, and responsive to contemporary global urgencies. Driven by a belief that bold research creates novel possibilities, she often works with authors who reveal what’s at stake in our visual and material cultures. Books in Victoria’s portfolio examine contemporary concerns; address gaps in knowledge; and examine how art, architecture, and design are inscribed with power. 

Victoria will soon launch the Life Studies series with Joshua Bennett, Distinguished Chair of Humanities at MIT. In collaboration with Brown University Digital Publications, she oversees the On Seeing series. She co-founded and leads the MIT Press Grant Program for Diverse Voices, which provides direct financial support to MIT Press authors who have been chronically underrepresented in their fields.

Victoria can be reached at Please note that due to the volume of inquiries she receives, it is not possible to respond to each unsolicited query directly.

Recent and forthcoming commissions:

Mortevivum: Photography and the Politics of the Visual by Kimberly Juanita Brown (On Seeing); Ruth Asawa and the Artist-Mother at Midcentury by Jordan Troeller; Double Vision: The Cinema of Robert Beavers by Rebekah Rutkoff; Climate Propagandas: Stories of Extinction and Regeneration by Jonas Staal; The Tony Smith Catalogue Raisonné Publication Project (four volumes) edited by James Voorhies et al.; The New Designer: Rejecting Myths, Embracing Change by Manuel Lima; Decolonizing Design: A Cultural Justice Guidebook by Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall; White Sight: Visual Politics and Practices of Whiteness by Nicholas Mirzoeff; and Abundance Not Capital: The Lively Architecture of Anupama Kundoo edited by Angelika Fitz and Elke Krasny with the Architekturzentrum Wien.


Kimberly Juanita Brown

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A Black Gaze

Tina M. Campt

Designing Motherhood

Michelle Millar Fisher, Amber Winick, Alexandra Lange

Design after Capitalism

Matthew Wizinsky

The New Designer

Manuel Lima

Decolonizing Design

Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall

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Angelika Fitz, Elke Krasny, Marvi Mazhar, Architekturzentrum Wien

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