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Brendan Keogh

Brendan Keogh, Research Fellow in the School of Communication at Queensland University of Technology, is the author of Killing Is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line.

Titles by This Author

How We Perceive Videogames

Our bodies engage with videogames in complex and fascinating ways. Through an entanglement of eyes-on-screens, ears-at-speakers, and muscles-against-interfaces, we experience games with our senses. But, as Brendan Keogh argues in A Play of Bodies, this corporal engagement goes both ways; as we touch the videogame, it touches back, augmenting the very senses with which we perceive. Keogh investigates this merging of actual and virtual bodies and worlds, asking how our embodied sense of perception constitutes, and becomes constituted by, the phenomenon of videogame play.