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The text Computing the Future is contained in a light grey circle against a dark grey background. The effect is sparse and clean.

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Computing the Future

A Decade of Innovation at MIT CSAIL

A geometric sculplture in the shape of an open centered globe composed of triangles formed from silver bars rests in a courtyeard in front of a building. The impression is that this is a corporate or higher education building. There is grass behind the sculpture and trees lining the walkways to either side. This photo accompanies the MIT Open Publishing Services article "Patenting Bias."

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Patenting Bias:

Algorithmic race & ethnicity classifications, proprietary rights, and public data

The image of an unsmiling face with eyes cast down emerges from a a collection of digitized, networked dots. The colors are indigo, blue, purple, red against a black background. This photo accompanies the MIT Open Publishing Services article "The Case of the Nosy Neighbor."

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The Case of the Nosy Neighbor

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