MIT Press Editorial Board

The MIT Press Editorial Board consists of MIT Faculty members. The Director of the Press and a representative of the MIT Libraries are ex-officio members. The Board meets four times each year. In conjunction with the Director of the Press, it is responsible for the editorial quality of the publishing programs at the Press and it advises the Press on editorial matters. The Editorial Board reviews publishing proposals as appropriate, provides guidance to the Press Acquisitions department, participates in the formulation of editorial strategies for both the Books and Journals divisions of the Press, and fosters the exchange of ideas about new developments in scholarly research, especially as they relate to publishing opportunities. Editorial Board members serve as active advocates and ambassadors for the Press and as the advisory board for its Essential Knowledge series.

Prof. David I. Kaiser, Chair
Prog in Science, Technology, & Society

Prof. Olivier L. De Weck (L)
Aeronautics and Astronautics

Prof. Edward A. Gibson
Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Prof. D. Fox Harrell
Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Prof. Daniel Jackson
Electrical Engineering-Computer Science

Prof. Alan Pradip Jasanoff
Department of Biological Engineering

Prof. Ana Miljacki

Prof. Nick Montfort
Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Prof. Wanda J. Orlikowski
Sloan School of Management

Prof. David Pesetsky
Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Prof. Noelle E. Selin
Inst for Data Systems and Society

Prof. Bruce Tidor
Department of Biological Engineering

Prof. Robert Townsend

Dr. Amy E. Brand
MIT Press

Ms. Alexia Hudson-Ward
MIT Libraries

Mr. Justin Kehoe, Staff to Committee
MIT Press