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Bruce Sinclair

Bruce Sinclair, formerly Melvin Kranzberg Professor of the History of Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is a Senior

Fellow at the Dibner Institute at MIT. He has served as president

of the Society for the History of Technology and received its Da

Vinci Medal.

Titles by This Editor

Needs and Opportunities for Study
Edited by Bruce Sinclair

Race and technology are two of the most powerful motifs in American history, but until recently they have not often been considered in relation to each other. This collection of essays examines the intersection of the two in a variety of social and technological contexts, pointing out, as the subtitle (borrowed from Brooke Hindle's classic 1966 work Early American Technology) puts it, the "needs and opportunities for study." The essays challenge what editor Bruce Sinclair calls the "myth of black disingenuity" -- the historical perception that black people were technically incompetent.