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Jagdeep S. Bhandari

Titles by This Editor

These twelve essays take up economic management under flexible exchange rates in the presence of uncertainty. Nearly all of the contributions adopt a rational expectations framework, focusing on the stochastic aspects of the assumption and exploring the variability of, for example, output and prices in relation to the variability of various external disturbances.Jagdeep Bhandari is Associate Professor of International Economics at West Virginia University.

In 1973, the world moved from fixed exchange rates, pegged to the gold standard or an agreed-upon currency, to the floating system of flexible exchange rates, constrained only by the occasional intervention of the central banks of various nations. The eighteen essays in this book explore what the shift has meant for world economic interdependence and seek to clarify what has become an extremely complex system. All but two are published here for the first time.Following Rudiger Dornbusch's Foreword, Jacob A. Frenkel reviews the history of flexible exchange rates.