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Joanna Walsh

Joanna Walsh’s work has appeared in Granta, Narrative, The Stinging Fly, and Guernica, among other publications. She is the author of Fractals, a collection; the non-fiction work Hotel; Grow a Pair; her most recent collection, Vertigo, which was shortlisted for the Edge Hill Short Story Prize; and the digitally groundbreaking novella Seed.

Titles by This Author

A Novel in Essays

So I didn’t call you: instead I posted a new avatar of myself without my habitual dark glasses. I have learned: an image, any image, is a blind. All avatars give different information, illusions of contact called Telepresence, none of them the real thing. You texted me, 3 am, from some station … As though it made any difference. But it did.
—from Break.up