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Joseph C. Spear

Joseph C. Spear has been an investigative journalist for seventeen years. As editor and chief of staff for syndicated columnist Jack Anderson, he is primarily responsible for covering diplomatic and foreign affairs and has broken some of the major news stories of our day. Among his prominent work are in-depth and long-term columns on FBI surveillance of American celebrities and on Nicaraguan dictator, Anastasio Somoza. His own articles have appeared in many national magazines.

Titles by This Author

The Nixon Legacy

Drawing on a long career as an investigative journalist, Joe Spear tells the chilling story of how the Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan administrations have controlled and manipulated the press.Much of his book documents the Nixon strategy, which relied on a constant flow of positive news, the sophisticated use of television to evade the press and address viewers directly, and intimidation through classified or censored information.