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Michèle Bernstein

Michèle Bernstein was a founding member of the Situationist International with her first husband Guy Debord. After the end of the SI, she became a literary critic for the French left-wing magazine Libération.

Titles by This Author

“What do you do, exactly? I have no idea.”“I reify,” he answered.“It’s a serious job,” I added.“Yes, it is,” he said.“I see,” Carol observed with admiration. “Serious work, with big books and a big table cluttered with papers.”“No,” said Gilles. “I walk. Mostly I walk.”--from All the King’s HorsesMichèle Bernstein’s novel, All the King’s Horses (1960), is one of the odder and more elusive, entertaining, and revealing documents of the Situationist International.