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Urs Luterbacher

Urs Luterbacher is Professor Emeritus at the Centre for Environmental Studies and the Centre for Finance and Development at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.

Titles by This Editor

Actors, Concepts, and Enduring Challenges

The current international climate change regime has a long history, and it is likely that its evolution will continue, despite such recent setbacks as the decision by President Donald Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement of 2015. Indeed, the U.S. withdrawal may spur efforts by other members of the international community to strengthen the Paris accord on their own.

This book surveys current conceptual, theoretical, and methodological approaches to global climate change and international relations. Although it focuses on the role of states, it also examines the role of nonstate actors and international organizations whenever state-centric explanations are insufficient.The book begins with a discussion of environmental constraints on human activities, the environmental consequences of human activities, and the history of global climate change cooperation.