Bob Prior

Executive Editor, Biomedical Science, Neuroscience, and Trade Science

Bob Prior

During his over 30 years at MIT Press, Bob has published hundreds of trade and scholarly books in areas as diverse as Neuroscience, Computer Science, Natural History, Electronic Privacy, Evolution, and Design. He has even managed to sneak one novel onto the otherwise completely non-fiction MIT Press list! He continues to be thrilled at finding authors whose voices can have an impact and whose books belong at MIT Press. He is currently focusing on trade science books with an emphasis on the life sciences, neuroscience, and natural history. Bob can be reached at

Notable Acquisitions Include:

Changing How We Choose: The New Science of Morality  by A. David Redish, Ending Epidemics: A History of Escape from Contagion  by Richard Conniff, The Age of Prediction  by Igor Tulchinsky & Chris Mason, Portraits of Dementia  by Joe Wallace, Kindred Design: Remember, Resist, Reimagine  by Aida Davis, The Patient Revolution: Harnessing the Power of Community to Heal Healthcare  by Susannah Fox, A Theory of Everyone: The New Science of Who We Are  by Michael Muthukrishna, The Human Cure: How We Create Pandemics and How We Can Save Ourselves  by Sabrina Sholts.

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