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From Artificial Intelligence Series

Artificial Intelligence

Concepts and Applications

Edited by A. R. Mirzai




These original contributions provide a unique opportunity for researchers and computing professionals, engineers, and managers to explore both the principles underlying basic AI research and their application in practice. The first part of the book describes work in five areas of AI research that is currently at the stage where it can be implemented in practical programs. These areas include blackboard architectures and systems, learning algorithms and strategies, neural networks, adaptive learning using pattern recognition, and signal processing. The second part describes six systems, designed for a wide variety of applications, that are now either in operation or at an advanced stage of development; intelligent techniques for spectral estimation, expert systems applied to antenatal assessment of fetal well-being, AI in the processing of underwater acoustic data, automatic speech recognition using neural networks, fault diagnosis of microwave digital radio, and waveguide filter alignment using adaptive learning techniques.

Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Applications is included in the Artificial Intelligence series, edited by Michael Brady, Daniel Bobrow, and Randall Davis.


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A. R. Mirzai

A. R. Mirzai is a Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.