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Paperback | $80.00 X | £66.95 | 600 pp. | 8.5 x 11 in | September 2004 | ISBN: 9780262661836
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Artificial Life IX

Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems
Edited by Jordan Pollack


Artificial Life is an interdisciplinary effort to investigate the fundamental properties of living systems through the simulation and synthesis of life-like processes. The young field brings a powerful set of tools to the study of how high-level behavior can arise in systems governed by simple rules of interaction. Some of the fundamental questions include: What are the principles of evolution, learning, and growth that can be understood well enough to simulate as an information process? Can robots be built faster and more cheaply by mimicking biology than by the product design process used for automobiles and airplanes? How can we unify theories from dynamical systems, game theory, evolution, computing, geophysics, and cognition?

The field has contributed fundamentally to our understanding of life itself through computer models, and has led to novel solutions to complex real-world problems across high technology and human society. This elite biennial meeting has grown from a small workshop in Santa Fe to a major international conference. This ninth volume of the proceedings of the international A-life conference reflects the growing quality and impact of this interdisciplinary scientific community.

About the Editor

Jordan Pollack is Associate Professor and Director of the Dynamical and Evolutionary Machine Organization Group in the School of Computer Science at Brandeis University.