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Hardcover | Out of Print | 232 pp. | 6 x 9 in | May 1995 | ISBN: 9780262133098
Paperback | $27.00 X | £21.95 | 232 pp. | 6 x 9 in | July 1996 | ISBN: 9780262631761
eBook | $19.00 X | July 1996 | ISBN: 9780262297165
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City of Bits

Space, Place, and the Infobahn


Entertaining, concise, and relentlessly probing, City of Bits is a comprehensive introduction to a new type of city, an increasingly important system of virtual spaces interconnected by the information superhighway. William Mitchell makes extensive use of practical examples and illustrations in a technically well-grounded yet accessible examination of architecture and urbanism in the context of the digital telecommunications revolution, the ongoing miniaturization of electronics, the commodification of bits, and the growing domination of software over materialized form.

About the Author

William J. Mitchell was the Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr., Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences and directed the Smart Cities research group at MIT’s Media Lab.


“Winston Churchill once said that we make our buildings and our buildings make us. With refreshing wit and lucid writing, Mitchell succeeds in updating that aphorism for the computer age.”—John W. Verity, Business Week