Cosmic Clouds 3-D

Cosmic Clouds 3-D

Where Stars Are Born

By David J. Eicher and Brian May

With J.-P. Metsävainio

Amazing 3-D images take readers inside the birth and death of stars.





Amazing 3-D images take readers inside the birth and death of stars.

This visually amazing volume, with text and 3-D images, takes readers inside the birthplace of stars—the cosmic clouds called nebulae. Nebulae (from the Latin for “cloud” or “fog”) are stellar nurseries, frequently intermingled with clusters of young stars. Seen in the night sky, they glow, energized by the new stars within and around them. Cosmic Clouds 3-D offers hundreds of magnificent images of nebulae captured by ground-based and space telescopes. Along with the high-resolution views of nebulae are unique stereo views that show the nebulae in three dimensions.

As we observe the birth of stars in these great clouds of gas, we are peering into the world of infant suns, seeing a process that for our own Sun took place some 4.6 billion years ago. The story of elements in nature, of why we are here, of our cosmic roots, is strongly tied to the story of stars in our galaxy and universe. And that means exploring the lives of stars, how stars come to be, what happens during their lifetimes, and how they, too—like humans—eventually die. We may not all know it, but we are part of the biggest recycling program that exists—the birth, life, and death of stars.

A 3-D viewer, designed by astrophysicist (and lead guitarist with the rock group Queen) Brian May, is included with the book.


$40.00 T ISBN: 9780262044028 192 pp. | 9.45 in x 12.8 in


J.-P. Metsävainio.


  • "This lavishly illustrated large format book is a romp...Written in a very friendly and informal manner it is filled with fascinating tidbits about stars, clusters of stars, nebulae, the space between the stars, the interstellar medium, and even some of the historical characters who pondered them, from William Herschel to Wilhelmina Fleming and Annie J. Cannon."

    David DeVorkin

    Senior Curator, History of Astronomy, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

    Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly

  • "There are 1 billion trillion stars in the observable universe. Each star is born and dies, with a unique story to tell. It's a journey that our own Sun began some 4.6 billion years ago. Cosmic Clouds 3-D: Where Stars Are Born takes readers to the birthplace of stars — in nebule, which are beautiful clouds of dust and that are scattered throughout most galaxies. The book features hundreds of stunning images of nebulae captured by ground-based and space telescopes in unique stereo views that show these stellar nurseries in three dimensions."


  • "The oversized book also offers full-page-or-two-page 2-D views from HubbleSpace Telescope and other ground-and-space-based telescopes, which are even more impressive than the smaller3-D views. An entire portfolio is devoted to one of the most beautiful clouds, the Veil Nebula, which is the scattered remnants of an exploded star. And the images of planetary nebulae, which are the colorful last gasps of stars similar to the Sun, are especially stunning. Eicher's text complements the images, offering a history of how astronomers discovered and studied cosmic clouds, how the clouds are born and how they evolve, details on the lives of stars, and other information."

    StarDate Magazine

  • "A visually appealing book."

    The Space Review