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Hardcover | Out of Print | 256 pp. | 6 x 9 in | 48 b&w illus. | October 1992 | ISBN: 9780262061506
Paperback | $25.00 X | £19.95 | 256 pp. | 6 x 9 in | 48 b&w illus. | January 1996 | ISBN: 9780262560962

Creative Cognition

Theory, Research, and Applications

About the Author

Thomas B. Ward is Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama.


Creative Cognition presents what is probably the most nearly complete and thoroughly tested of the existing theories of creativity based upon the principles of cognitive science. The theory is compelling and the experiments ingenious, in an area that is very difficult to investigate. I highly recommend the book to behavioral and cognitive scientists interested in understanding the origins of creative ideas. A special bonus of the book is that it contains implications for developing creativity, which perhaps the authors will follow up in later work.”
Robert J. Sternberg, IBM Professor of Psychology and Education, Yale University
“The major contribution of this book, beyond the many original ideas that sparkle throughout the text, is its successful demonstration that the basic issues of creativity, previously relegated to mystifying pop psychology or cognitively barren psychometric approaches, can be successfully examined with the tools of cognitive psychology.”
Jonathan Schooler, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh
“Original and well articulated. . . . [A] benchmark for psychologists who are concerned to understand and explain one of the less tractable areas of human cognition. It can also be recommended as a rich source of practical ideas to anyone responsible for education and training in professions that depend on the regular exercise of creative thinking.”
John Richardson, Times Higher Education Supplement