The Empire of Disorder

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The Empire of Disorder

By Alain Joxe

Translated by Ames Hodges

Distributed for Semiotext(e)

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In The Empire of Disorder, Alain Joxe offers the first truly comprehensive analysis of the new world disorder of the twenty-first century. The contemporary world, claims Joxe, is dominated by the American empire but not ordered by it. This "leadership through chaos," based on maintaining a "creeping peace," is at the root of the present organization of violence and barbary on a global scale. At the same time, national governments—including that of the United States—are declining in influence as the imperial system fosters transnational mafias, corporations, and markets.


$12.95 T | £10.99 ISBN: 9781584350163 223 pp. | 4.5 in x 7 in


Ames Hodges.