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Paperback | $45.00 X | £37.95 | 464 pp. | 8 x 9 in | 65 b&w illus. | April 2017 | ISBN: 9780262533201
eBook | $45.00 X | April 2017 | ISBN: 9780262338127
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Global Health Informatics

Principles of eHealth and mHealth to Improve Quality of Care


The widespread usage of mobile phones that bring computational power and data to our fingertips has enabled new models for tracking and battling disease. The developing world in particular has become a proving ground for innovation in eHealth (using communication and technology tools in healthcare) and mHealth (using the affordances of mobile technology in eHealth systems). In this book, experts from a variety of disciplines--among them computer science, medicine, public health, policy, and business--discuss key concepts, frameworks, examples, and lessons learned in designing and implementing digital health systems in the developing world.

The contributors consider such topics as global health disparities and quality of care; aligning eHealth strategies with government policy; the role of monitoring and evaluation in improving care; databases, patient registries, and electronic health records; the lifecycle of a digital health system project; software project management; privacy and security; and evaluating health technology systems.

About the Editors

Leo Anthony G. Celi, originally from Manila, Philippines, is an attending physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Clinical Research Director of the Laboratory of Computational Physiology at the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science. Leo Anthony Celi and Kenneth Paik codirect Sana at the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science.

Hamish S. F. Fraser is Associate Professor of eHealth in the Yorkshire Centre for Health Informatics at the University of Leeds, UK. He was previously the director of Informatics at the Health Care NGO Partners In Health and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard University. He cofounded the Open source EHR system OpenMRS, now used in more than 60 countries. His research focuses on the evaluation of eHealth systems Worldwide. He is funded from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 661289 Global eHealth.”

Vipan Nikore, a former software engineer, is an internal medicine physician and Medical Director at Trillium Health Partners and an attending physician at Cleveland Clinic in both Cleveland and Toronto. He is a lecturer at the University of Toronto and was a visiting research scientist at the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science

Juan Sebastián Osorio is a biomedical engineer from Escuela de Inginería de Antioquia and Universidad Corporacion para Estudios en la Salud in Medellin, Colombia. He was named by Technology Review as one of the world’s top innovators under 35 for designing monitors to detect breathing problems in premature infants.

Kenneth Paik is a Research Scientist at the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering, where he teaches courses in global health informatics to improve quality of care and secondary analysis of electronic health records. Leo Anthony Celi and Kenneth Paik codirect Sana at the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science.