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Paperback | $49.95 Trade | £37.95 | ISBN: 9780262600231 | 344 pp. | 10 x 12 in | August 1995

Great Streets

About the Author

Allan B. Jacobs is Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley.


“Jacobs has been working on this classic—there's no other word for it—for a decade. Jacobs rightly believes that good cities are made of good streets and that we're rapidly losing our talent for creating them. He measures and draws many of the world's great streets, from Pittsburgh to Beijing. He describes changes in the street pattern of cities like Boston, where a square mile of downtown contains 100 fewer blocks than it did a century ago...A thoughtful, sane, informed and very personal book, aimed primarily at professionals but readable enough for anyone interested in the subject.”—Robert Campbell , Boston Globe


“JAcobs writes as one who loves (and loves to tell) experience that the physical fabric of the city affords. He has produced a pleasurable and immensely useful book that, like Rasmussen's Town's and Buildings, will be cherished by its readers, but one which leaves the reader with more than impressions and insights and the charm of lovely drawings. It provides a wide range of immediately useful information to those who wish to study, design and revitalize streets; a compendium of dimensions and observations about streets from many parts of the world, information that is not available in a comparative form anywhere else.”
Donlyn Lyndon, FAIA, Lyndon/Buchanan Associates
“Jacobs range is catholic, intellligent, and encyclopedic. The mixture of readable narrative in relaxed articulate English, clear diagrams and attractive sketches, with statistics and good references and notes is unusually effective. The quantitative and comparative data is absolutely fresh and useful - a true contribution to the literature in cities and urban deisgn.”
Laurie D. Olin, Hanna/Olin, Ltd.


This book received Honorable Mention in the category of Architecture and Urban Studies in the 1993 Professional/Scholarly Publishing Annual Awards Competition presented by the Association of American Publishers, Inc.