A Guide for the Young Economist

A Guide for the Young Economist

By William Thomson





This book is an invaluable guide for young economists working on their dissertations, preparing their first articles for submission to professional journals, getting ready for their first presentations at conferences and job seminars, or facing their first refereeing assignments. In clear, concise language—a model for what he advocates—William Thomson shows how to make written and oral presentations both inviting and efficient. Thomson covers the basics of clear exposition, including such nuts-and-bolts topics as titling papers, writing abstracts, presenting research results, and holding an audience's attention.


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  • This guide should be read by every young economist under the age of 90...The book is truly beautifully written...BUY THIS BOOK!

    NBER Southern Economic Journal

  • Thomson provides a solid, in-depth introduction to some of the most important aspects of writing and presenting economic reports and papers, which will be particularly valuable to graduate students, new faculty, and professionals wishing to present their research in a clear, effective manner.



  • Good economic theory mixes rigorous mathematical reasoning with intuitive motivations and stories, which can make the task of presenting or evaluating cutting-edge research a treacherous balancing act. In this one-of-a-kind essay, Thomson offers an armful of good advice and tricks of the trade to economists young and old, lest any of them forget that a bad container can spoil its contents.

    Hervé Moulin

    Department of Economics, Rice University

  • William Thomson does for economics what Paul Halmos does for mathematics. Thomson shows the young (and the non-young) economist how to write lecture and submit work for editorial review. I recommend this guide to all professional economists.

    Karl Shell

    Thorne Professor of Economics, Cornell University and Editor, Journal of Economic Theory

  • How many times have valuable contributions to scholarship—written and oral—been compromised because of inadequate communication? This is far less likely to happen if economists read and think about the issues discussed in William Thomson's book.

    John Pencavel

    Department of Economics, Stanford University

  • The quintessence of the French mind—precision, concision, elegance as it should be, Pascal rather than Derrida. Everyone who knows William Thomson knows that he is not only a great economist, but also a master expositor, be it in his papers and books or in his talks. In this book, he shares his remarkable know-how with us young and not-so-young economists

    Maurice Salles

    Professor of Economics, Université de Caen, and Coordinating Editor, Social Choice and Welfare

  • William Thomson has always cared a lot for his and all our students. A Guide for the Young Economist is full of his caring wisdom which many young–and many not so young–economists will definitely benefit from.

    Murat Sertel

    Department of Economics, Turkish Academy of Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of the Review of Economic Design