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Hardcover | $37.00 Short | £25.95 | ISBN: 9780262090353 | 167 pp. | 8 x 9 in | 64 illus.| January 2003

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Improvisational Design

Continuous, Responsive Digital Communication


Traditional visual design expresses information in fixed forms, such as print or film, so the message can be stored or distributed. With interactive media and continuously updated information, communication entails a new, more dynamic set of design problems. In this book Suguru Ishizaki offers a theoretical framework for dealing with the challenges and opportunities of what he calls "dynamic design." His approach incorporates a community of collaborating agents that control design solutions in response to a changing context. He illustrates his ideas with several examples, such as expressive e-mail and responsive maps. The book will be of particular interest to interaction designers, visual designers, software engineers, and human-computer interaction experts.

About the Author

Suguru Ishizaki is Senior Staff Engineer at QUALCOMM Incorporated.


"This original and sound book should have a profound effect on design for digital media."
Mark D. Gross, Design Machine Group, Department of Architecture, University of Washington