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Paperback | $55.00 Short | £37.95 | ISBN: 9780262520621 | December 1981

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Life In The Universe

Edited by John Billingham


Life in the Universe documents the largest gathering to date of experts in the exciting new field of exobiology. In 29 chapters, the book explores the whole question of the nature and distribution of life in the universe—from the formation of planets to the origins of life on earth, the emergence of intelligence, and the future search for possible intelligence on other planets.

About the Editor

John Billingham is Chief of the Extraterrestrial Research Division at NASA Ames Research Center.


"A fascinating and richly eventful tapestry of cosmic evolution... Eric Chaisson of Harvard University began... by compressing 18 billion years of cosmic history into a 30-minute overview, tantalizing his audience with a number of insights and observations. Lynn Margulis of Boston University gave a very lively presentation of the profound interrelationships and interdependence between life forms and the planetary environment. Philip Morrison of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ended... with some philosophical reflections... We see here the merging of many disciplines and the coming together of many points of view—all of which lend strength to the enterprise. Enough has been learned to suggest strongly to many scientists that the rise of organic life, and probably of intelligence, may be an intrinsic part of cosmic evolution and not a mere accident of the earth's history."—Cosmic Search