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Hardcover | $76.95 Trade | £57.95 | ISBN: 9780262112444 | 292 pp. | 12 x 11.5 in | August 1999
Paperback | $42.95 Trade | £31.95 | ISBN: 9780262611732 | 292 pp. | 12 x 11.5 in | August 2001

Mapping Boston

Edited by Alex Krieger and David Cobb

About the Editors

Alex Krieger is Chairman of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a principal of Chan Krieger & Associates.

David Cobb is Head of the Harvard Map Collection at the Harvard College Library.


“Maps have long been effective for showing how cities develop. Here, historical maps are joined by paintings, prints, photographs, and expert essays to trace the changing face of Boston in its New Englad setting. Every major city needs a book like this to document its geographic memory.”
David Woodward, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“If a picture tells a thousand words, the Mapping Boston speaks volumes about the history and development of our city. Norman Leventhal's collection of maps and the accompanying stories will be treasured by generations to come.”
Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston
“Who would have guess that a map book could be fun? Even exciting? Mapping Boston is both. What a creative way to tell the history of a great city. Full of wonderful old drawings and photographs and of course maps, the book tells the story of Bean Town from the Puritans to the high techies of today. One flip through and you are compelled to start at the beginning and go slowly, as if strolling along the cobblestones streets. Anyone who loves Boston, history, architecture, city design, travel, or a good story will be as captivated as I was with Mapping Boston.
Lesley Stahl
“What a marvelous and immensely welcome book! The collection of maps is surpassing, and to have them so beautifully published in combination with such superb essays is cause for celebration for everyone who loves Boston and loves history. Mapping Boston is a perfect treasure.”
David McCullough


Second Prize, 2000, American Association of Museums (AAM) publication competition.