Money, Capital Mobility, and Trade

Money, Capital Mobility, and Trade

Essays in Honor of Robert A. Mundell

Edited by Guillermo A. Calvo, Rudiger Dornbusch and Maurice Obstfeld




Written by Robert Mundell's academic descendants, as well as other leading economists and scholars, the essays in this volume reflect Mundell's broad influence on modern open-economy macroeconomics. The topics include the vicissitudes of gold in the international system, choice of exchange rate regime, post-World War II European monetary reform, banking crises in emerging markets, speculative attacks on fixed exchange rates, monetary policy rules, interactions between economists and policy makers over macrostabilization and structural microeconomic issues, the connection between international factor mobility and trade, the Mundell-Fleming open-economy macro model, the quantitative implications of general-equilibrium sticky price models, the international roles of the euro and yen, and the employment effects of import tariffs.


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Guillermo A. Calvo

Guillermo A. Calvo is Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University's School for International and Public Affairs. He is the author of Money, Exchange Rates, and Output, Emerging Capital Markets in Turmoil (both published by the MIT Press) and other books.

Rudiger Dornbusch

The late Rudiger Dornbusch was Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Maurice Obstfeld

Maurice Obstfeld is Class of 1958 Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.