Neurological Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience
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From Issues in Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology

Neurological Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience

Edited by Mark D'Esposito

A review of a broad range of neurobehavioral syndromes from both neurological and cognitive neuroscientific perspectives.

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A review of a broad range of neurobehavioral syndromes from both neurological and cognitive neuroscientific perspectives.

Despite dramatic advances in neuroimaging techniques, patient-based analyses of brain disorders continue to offer important insights into the functioning of the normal brain. Bridging the gap between the work of neurologists studying clinical disorders and neuroscientists studying the neural mechanisms underlying normal cognition, this book reviews classical neurobehavioral syndromes from both neurological and cognitive scientific perspectives.The contributors are all practicing neurologists who also conduct cognitive neuroscience research. Each chapter begins with a case study, describing the patient's symptoms and the cognitive processes involved. The clinical descriptions are followed by historical background on the neurobehavioral syndromes and discussion of the methods used to understand the underlying neural mechanisms. In their attempts to reconcile conflicting data derived from different methodologies, many of the authors shed new light on the cognitive mechanisms they discuss. The syndromes include neglect, Balint's syndrome, amnesia, semantic dementia, topographical disorientation, acquired dyslexia, acalculia, transcortical motor aphasia, Wernicke's aphasia, apraxia, and lateral prefrontal syndrome.


$13.75 S ISBN: 9780262042093 301 pp. | 9 in x 7 in 58 illus.


Mark D'Esposito

Mark D'Esposito, M.D., is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology and Director of the Henry H. Wheeler, Jr., Brain Imaging Center at the University of California, Berkeley.


  • This book remains solidly anchored in the tradition of behavioral neurology while at the same time incorporating contemporary developments. The contributors are practicing neurologists who have achieved prominence in their fields. Their research and thinking, as discussed in the pages of this book, provide most palpable proof that behavioral neurology is alive and prospering and that it continues to serve as a cornerstone for the cognitive neurosciences.

    Marsel Mesulam

    Ruth and Evelyn Dunbar Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry and Director, The Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center (CNADC), Northwestern University Medical School

  • While the 'Decade of the Brain' has ended, cognitive neuroscience continues to flourish. The understanding of how parallel distributed modular networks mediate behavior is gained both by studying patients with brain injury-related disorders and by imaging the normal brain during cognitive activity. This remarkable volume organizes and synthesizes data from both of these paradigms for a variety of cognitive domains and helps the reader to better understand brain-behavior relationships.

    Kenneth M. Heilman

    James E. Rooks Jr. Distinguished Professor of Neurology, University of Florida College of Medicine

  • Neurological Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience represents an exciting synthesis of behavioral neurology and cognitive neuroscience. Chapters from leading researchers clearly link fascinating observations from studies of neurological patients with revealing theoretical perspectives. This volume is essential reading for anyone interested in the neural underpinnings of cognitive processes.

    Daniel L. Schacter

    Professor and Chair of Psychology, Harvard University, and author of The Seven Sins of Memory and Searching for Memory