Productivity and American Leadership

Productivity and American Leadership

The Long View

By William J. Baumol, Sue Ann Batey Blackman and Edward N. Wolff





Productivity and American Leadership examines and analyzes the long-run productivity performance of the United States, comparing it with that of the other industrialized nations. It shows that the U.S. record, both recent and over longer periods, is far better than is widely believed.


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  • The prophecies of doom have been relentless.... It takes great courage to have another look at the data and conclude, as the authors of Productivity and American Leadership do, that the American productive engine has not shut down.... And it takes a sweeping command of economics, statistics and history, along with great narrative eloquence and subtlety, to make [this point] credibly and without condescension.... The authors have painted a brilliant and nuanced composition of where we are and where we can be.

    Michael J. Feuer

    New York Times Book Review


  • Honorable Mention in the category of Psychology in the 1989 Professional/Scholarly Publishing Annual Awards Competition presented by the Association of American Publishers, Inc.