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Platform Studies

The Platform Studies series promotes the investigation of underlying computing systems and how they enable, constrain, shape and support the creative work that is done on them. The series investigates the foundations of digital media — the computing systems, both hardware and software, that developers and users depend upon for artistic, literary, and gaming development. Books in this series focus on a single platform or a closely related family of platforms. Theyl offer technical rigor and in-depth investigation of how computing technologies work as well as discussion of how computing platforms exist in the context of culture and society.

The Commodore Amiga

Exploring the often-overlooked history and technological innovations of the world’s first true multimedia computer.

The Nintendo Family Computer / Entertainment System Platform

The complex material histories of the Nintendo Entertainment System platform, from code to silicon, focusing on its technical constraints and its expressive affordances.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System

How the Super Nintendo Entertainment System embodied Nintendo’s resistance to innovation and took the company from industry leadership to the margins of videogaming.

Welcome to the Internet

The first scholarly book in English on Minitel, the pioneering French computer network, offers a history of a technical system and a cultural phenomenon.

The BBC Micro

The story of a pioneering microcomputer: its beginnings as part of a national Computer Literary Project, its innovative hardware, and its creative uses.

Bell Labs, the S-C 4020, and the Origins of Computer Art

How the S-C 4020—a mainframe peripheral intended to produce scientific visualizations—shaped a series of early computer art projects that emerged from Bell Labs.

Building the Interactive Web

How Flash rose and fell as the world’s most ubiquitous yet divisive software platform, enabling the development and distribution of a world of creative content.

The Nintendo Wii Platform

Nintendo’s hugely popular and influential video game console system considered as technological device and social phenomenon.

The Atari Video Computer System

A study of the relationship between platform and creative expression in the Atari VCS.