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Semiotext(e) / Native Agents

A memoir of a friendship with Michel Foucault that changed the author's life.

A forgotten gem of French literature, Duvert’s version of The Lord of the Flies: an indictment against the violence embedded in a middle-class community.

The complete art world story/essays of the fictional Madame Realism, collected for the first time.

A self-described failed filmmaker falls obsessively in love with her theorist-husband's colleague: a manifesto for a new kind of feminism and the power of first-person narration.

A Novel

A bored twenty-three-year-old woman suddenly leaves her dull suburban job for L.A., becomes Internet-famous, and falls in love—Zelda to a semi-famous Scott.

A Comedy

In a novel capturing an era that seems at once familiar and grotesque, a New York writer lands in Los Angeles in 1994.

The third novel in von Schlegell’s System Series, set among the water-rich moons of planet Uranus, during Earth’s full collapse.

In 1991, unhappily married Sylvie and her husband set off on a journey across Eastern Europe in search of a Romanian orphan to adopt.

An autobiographical incantation of adolescent shame, religious masturbation, and the salvation embodied in the creative act.

A tale of ambivalent friendship and obsession with a fashionable drifter named Nicola in the fashionable city named Milan.

Seven friends in a continuous loop of eternal exile and youth embark on a road trip to the end of the world.

A novel about failure, empathy, and sadness, with a cast of characters that includes Simone Weil, Paul Thek, and the author herself.

The lyrical story of a Mexican family torn apart by the fragility and madness of one of its members.

Baudrillard meets Breaking Bad in this stark and bleakly hilarious novel about a descent into an underclass world of born-again Christianity, self-help, and crack.

An autobiographical portrait of a gay Arab man, living between cultures, seeking an identity through love and writing.

The life, times, and mysteries of Fred Halsted, gay porn’s first film auteur.

Plays, Short Fiction, Poems 1975–2010

Previously unpublished plays and writings by one of today’s foremost satirical authors.

Now in English, Duvert’s shocking novel about a sexual adventurer among a tribe of adolescent boys in Northern Africa.

A poetic exploration of trauma and renewal from the last avant-garde visionary of the twentieth century.

Performances, Essays, Interviews

An autobiographical trilogy by a cultural icon of Downtown New York.

Days and Nights of an Anarchist Whore

Reflections of a “revolutionary whore” and champion of sexual freedom and prostitutes’ rights.

An acidic, satiric novel in the form of a travelogue of the American northwest, complete with annotations by an outraged local.

An autobiographical coming-of-age novel by the the “only gay man” in Morocco.

It’s 2150, and Eddie Ryan is a prisoner on Mercury, ruled by the qompURE MERKUR: compelling future-history sci-fi by the author of Venusia.

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