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Urban and Industrial Environments

Addresses questions arising from the intersection of environment and urban and industrial organization, including issues of technology, landscape, and social organization.

The Challenges to Micromobilization in Central Appalachia

An examination of why so few people suffering from environmental hazards and pollution choose to participate in environmental justice movements.

Glimpses of America's Post-Suburban Future

How the decentralized, automobile-oriented, and fuel-consuming model of American suburban development might change.

A Case for Truly Smart and Sustainable Cities

How cities can build on the “sharing economy” and smart technology to deliver a “sharing paradigm” that supports justice, solidarity, and sustainability.

Reluctant Activists and Natural Gas Drilling

What happens when natural gas drilling moves into an urban area: how communities in North Texas responded to the environmental and health threats of fracking.

Policies for a Sustainable World

“Geiser has gathered a wealth of information and applies it to the problem at hand in an imaginative way: offering a framework for how to reorient a hazardous and resource-intensive industry toward safety and sustainability. It is an impressive contribution—and a call to action.”—Science

Contested Hydro-Modernities in Twentieth-Century Spain

An examination of the central role of water politics and engineering in Spain’s modernization, illustrating water’s part in forging, maintaining, and transforming social power.

Adaptation and Transformation from the Ground Up

Stories of environmental stewardship in communities from New Orleans to Soweto accompany an interdisciplinary framework for understanding civic ecology as a global phenomenon.

Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint While Reimagining Urban Space

An architect makes the case for rail transit as the critical infrastructure for a fluidly functioning and environmentally sustainable urban society.

Visions and Histories of Urban Freeways

The story of the evolution of the urban freeway, the competing visions that informed it, and the emerging alternatives for more sustainable urban transportation.

Beyond Taco Trucks and Day Labor

An examination of informal urban activities—including street vending, garage sales, and unpermitted housing—that explores their complexity and addresses related planning and regulatory issues.

Community Reconstruction, Place Remaking, and Environmental Justice in the City

An examination of environmental revitalization efforts in low-income communities in Boston, Barcelona, and Havana that help heal traumatized urban neighborhoods.

Lessons from China

An examination of barriers that impede and incentives that motivate the global development and deployment of cleaner energy technologies, with case studies from China.

A History of Suburban Corporate Landscapes

How business appropriated the pastoral landscape, as seen in the corporate campus, the corporate estate, and the office park.

The Promise of America’s Smaller Industrial Cities in a Low-Carbon World

How small-to-midsize Rust Belt cities can play a crucial role in a low-carbon, sustainable, and relocalized future.

A Representative History

An illustrated history of the American city’s evolution from sparsely populated village to regional metropolis.

The Present Failure and Future Promise of Environmental Action in the United States

How the success and popularity of recycling has diverted attention from the steep environmental costs of manufacturing the goods we consume and discard.

Stories and Strategies for Transformation

Campus leaders describe how community colleges, publicly funded universities, and private liberal arts colleges across America are integrating sustainability into curriculum, policies, and programs.

The Social Structures of Sustainability

Experts consider green construction and the social, institutional, and cultural changes associated with it, through a sociological and organizational lens.

Countering Commonsense Antiurbanism

An analysis that offers evidence to challenge the widely held assumption that urbanization and environmental quality are necessarily at odds.

The Struggle Against Water Privatization in the United States and Canada

An examination of anti–water privatization movements in the United States and Canada that explores the interplay of the local and the global.

A guide to today’s urban cycling renaissance, with information on cycling’s health benefits, safety, bikes and bike equipment, bike lanes, bike sharing, and other topics.

Waste, Material Cultures, Social Justice

An examination of how garbage reveals the relationships between the global and the local, the economic and the ecological, and the historical and the contemporary.

Making and Keeping New Industries in the United States

An examination of the politics of green jobs that foresees a potential ideological shift away from neoliberalism toward “developmentalism.”

Conflict and Negotiation over Public Space

Examines the evolution of an undervalued urban space and how conflicts over competing uses—from the right to sit to the right to parade—have been negotiated.

Sewage Treatment and the Contradictions of the Industrial Ecosystem

A history of of the industrial ecosystem that focuses on the biological sewage treatment plant as an early example.

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