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Hardcover | $9.75 X | £6.95 | ISBN: 9780262033626 | 352 pp. | 6 x 9 in | 46 illus.| June 2007
eBook | $26.95 Short | ISBN: 9780262251181 | 352 pp. | 46 illus.| June 2007

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Specificity and the Macroeconomics of Restructuring


“Caballero delivers a powerful analysis of the key role played by factor specificity in productive relationships, investment decisions, and macroeconomic performance. The analysis yields valuable and original insights into unemployment, job creation, productivity, and the institutional underpinnings of growth and development. The book is a major work and an impressive intellectual achievement.”
Steven J. Davis, William H. Abbott Professor of International Business and Economics, University of Chicago
“Caballero's book is a superb synthesis of recent empirical and theoretical literature on the role of restructuring and reallocation within and between firms for understanding economic fluctuation and growth. It is essential for scholars working on these issues, as well as for those seeking an entry to the debate.”
John Haltiwanger, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland
“The last word on the important subject of capital taxation and growth. Belongs in the library of every economist interested in the aggregate U.S. economy.”
Robert E. Hall, Hoover Institution, Stanford University