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Paperback | $22.00 X | £17.95 | 224 pp. | 6 x 9 in | September 2006 | ISBN: 9780262693394
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Walking Tours of Boston's Made Land


At its founding, Boston was a small peninsula; over the last 375 years the city has doubled in size by filling in the surrounding tidal flats—areas covered with water at high tide and exposed at low. In Walking Tours of Boston's Made Land, historian Nancy Seasholes outlines twelve walks that trace where and why Boston's man-made land was created, and, along the way, uncovers fascinating and little-known pieces of Boston history. In the course of these walks—around the central waterfront, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the South End, Charlestown, and elsewhere—she shows us how Boston's past is always just below the surface of its present.

Each walk is accompanied by a map that shows the route and original shoreline. The walks are illustrated with historical maps, historical photographs and views, and current photographs. All walks are accessible by public transportation.

About the Author

Nancy S. Seasholes is a historian and historical archaeologist. She is the author of Walking Tours of Boston's Made Land (MIT Press), the companion to Gaining Ground.


Walking Tours of Boston's Made Land is a richly detailed guide to 12 walks through land 'made' as Boston's original shoreline was filled in and expanded outward.”—Boston Sunday Globe
“[Seasholes'] guide is valuable not only for the visitor to Boston but for anyone wanting a feel for early Boston history and the creation of a port city.”—Library Journal


“Nancy Seasholes's Walking Tours of Boston's Made Land is a wonderful book that offers a distinctive view of Boston. It is always great when someone takes a different approach and brings to our attention the things that make Boston unique. I recommend that everyone take these tours. You will be amazed at all the interesting facts that you will learn!”
Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston