Women, Art, and Technology

From Leonardo

Women, Art, and Technology

Edited by Judy Malloy

A sourcebook of documentation on women artists at the forefront of work at the intersection of art and technology.





A sourcebook of documentation on women artists at the forefront of work at the intersection of art and technology.

Although women have been at the forefront of art and technology creation, no source has adequately documented their core contributions to the field. Women, Art, and Technology, which originated in a Leonardo journal project of the same name, is a compendium of the work of women artists who have played a central role in the development of new media practice.The book includes overviews of the history and foundations of the field by, among others, artists Sheila Pinkel and Kathy Brew; classic papers by women working in art and technology; papers written expressly for this book by women whose work is currently shaping and reshaping the field; and a series of critical essays that look to the future.

Artist contributorsComputer graphics artists Rebecca Allen and Donna Cox; video artists Dara Birnbaum, Joan Jonas, Valerie Soe, and Steina Vasulka; composers Cecile Le Prado, Pauline Oliveros, and Pamela Z; interactive artists Jennifer Hall and Blyth Hazen, Agnes Hegedus, Lynn Hershman, and Sonya Rapoport; virtual reality artists Char Davies and Brenda Laurel; net artists Anna Couey, Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss, Nancy Paterson, and Sandy Stone; and choreographer Dawn Stoppiello; critics include Margaret Morse, Jaishree Odin, Patric Prince, and Zoe Sofia


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Judy Malloy

Judy Malloy, an electronic literature pioneer and early social media poet and arts writer, is the editor of Women, Art, and Technology (MIT Press).


  • ...A rich source of information about the women and works that have made media arts history—or should.

    Dene Grigar

    American Book Review

  • ...an overlooked chapter about the role of women in the rapidly developing field of new media.

    Rita Dimasi

    Arts Hub

  • ...fascinating...multifaceted observations about the symbiotic relationship of media such as modern dance, sound, video, and computer programming.

    Geary Yelton

    Electronic Musician

  • This is a large and ambitious collection.

    Aaris Sherin


  • This is a phenomenally important volume.