Workflow Management

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Workflow Management

Models, Methods, and Systems

By Kees van Hee





This book offers a comprehensive introduction to workflow management, the management of business processes with information technology. By defining, analyzing, and redesigning an organization's resources and operations, workflow management systems ensure that the right information reaches the right person or computer application at the right time. The book provides a basic overview of workflow terminology and organization, as well as detailed coverage of workflow modeling with Petri nets. Because Petri nets make definitions easier to understand for nonexperts, they facilitate communication between designers and users. The book includes a chapter of case studies, review exercises, and a glossary. A special Web site developed by the authors,, features animation, interactive examples, lecture materials, exercises and solutions, relevant links, and other valuable resources for the classroom.


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  • This book is an insightful, authoritative source on workflow modeling and analysis.

    Amit P. Sheth

    Director, Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab, and Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Georgia

  • Business process management techniques are of increasing importance in research and in practice; I consider knowledge in this field indispensable for young professionals. I use Workflow Management in my university courses because it combines sound modelling techniques with experience from applications in an impressive way.

    Ruediger Valk

    Professor of Informatics/Computer Science, University of Hamburg, Germany

  • This book provides a very good, wide-ranging introduction to the theory of workflow technology. Of particular note is the rigorous derivation of workflow process models using Petri-net formalisation.

    David Hollingsworth

    Distinguished Engineer, ICL Pathway, UK, and Chairman, Workflow Management Coalition, Technical Committee

  • This is the most comprehensive volume on workflow management to date. At last we have a book that deals with the basic principles. Workflow Management defines the field on an academic level, and should be used in every workflow course.

    Stef M. M. Joosten

    Professor of Information Systems and Business Processes, Open University of The Netherlands, and Founder, Anaxagoras