The World and the Great-Power Triangles
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The World and the Great-Power Triangles

Edited by William E. Griffith




The coming of Sino-U.S. and Soviet-U.S. détente in the early 1970's and the resulting shift in international relationships produced a revolution in world diplomacy whose repercussions are still being felt. The World and the Great-Power Triangles sets up a framework for describing this dramatic change in global affairs in terms of its implications for regional politics in key areas of the world.In the introductory chapter, William E. Griffith analyzes events leading to the breakup of the alignment of the cold war era and the reaarangement of the great powers into two triangles: a political-military grouping made up of the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. In each of the subsequent chapters, a well-known writer on international affairs discusses the operation of this "triangular world politics" in his particular are of expertise. The authors' analyses of recent history and current events illuminate the complex ways in which national and international politics interact. The book brings together a wealth of data and provides a survey that should be of use to scholars and students of world affairs.


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William E. Griffith

William E. Griffith was the Ford International Professor of Political Science at MIT.